Comparing Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton in the computer rankings

Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton have unleashed an all out assault on National and American League pitching, respectively, and any manager would gladly sacrifice his right arm to have either of them batting 3rd or 4th in their lineup.  But just for grins, which player is ranked higher in Bias Free Sports computer rankings?  Let’s look at the numbers:

Matt Kemp LAD 104 29 42 12 27 2 0.404 1.305 10.00
Josh Hamilton TEX 106 25 43 14 36 2 0.406 1.298 10.74

Kemp has the lead in runs scored and OPS, while Hamilton has the edge in home runs, RBI’s and ever so slightly in batting average.  Using the formula of (R+RBI+SB+HR+(BAxHits)+OPS) (actually, the formula is more complicated than that, but I’m just giving you an idea of the basis of the formula), Hamilton comes out just slightly ahead of Kemp in the overall rating.   Much of Hamilton’s rating was built up in the four home run game last night, which propelled him ahead of Kemp in the ratings as of today (May 9th).  However, each player has been extremely consistent throughout the first two months of the season, and each has a legitimate shot at the Triple Crown in their respective leagues.  I suspect, barring injury, that each player will continue to run neck and neck throughout the season for the top overall ranking.

To see all the ratings for both the American and National League hitters, go to


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