Is Justin Blackmon just being a typical 22 year old?

Shit no. Most 22 year olds I know don’t blow a .24 bac at 10 AM IN THE MORNING!!  Jesus. On the blood alcohol content chart, blowing a .3 puts you  in danger of DEATH.  And that’s just to himself.  This is his second DUI arrest and driving with a .24 bac probably doesn’t do you any favors with a judge.   Hey Jacksonville, remember Matt Jones? Reggie Williams?  You might want to look into your first round picks a little more closely, you bozos.


Apparently Blackmon was arrested at 3:45 am, not 10:00 am.  So props to Blackmon for containing his binge drinking to the wee morning hours.  But black marks to the OSU Cowboy for blowing off a autograph signing session and for apparently drinking the equivalent of 20 beers in an 8 hour span according to this web site:

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