NBC Fail Alert

We interrupt our regularly scheduled sports postings to ask the following question:

What the hell is NBC thinking?

Maybe they should just show Olympic highlights all fall, because the shows that they are pushing during the Olympics have barf-fest written all over them.  Seriously, Matthew Perry can’t continue to keep resurrecting the ghost of Chandler Bing in three failed shows, can he?  “Go On” should just be renamed “Go On and Cancel This Piece of Schlock.”

The New Normal?  Animal Practice?  Guys With Kids?  Fail. Fail. Fail.

Oh, holy crap — They are bringing back “Whitney?”  DID ANYONE AT NBC ACTUALLY WATCH THIS SHOW??  I tried watching this abomination once and my eyeballs actually started bleeding.

I had high hopes for “Revolution,” but unfortunately the promos make it appear unwatchable.  I can already tell you that the reason the electricity is out is due to (1) an alien invasion, (2) a government conspiracy, (3) some mega-conglomerate trying to control the world by controlling all electrical usage, or (4) GLOBAL WARMING, Y’ALL (my personal favorite whipping boy).

Good luck to finishing fourth every night this fall!!


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