A brief thought on Chad Johnson

My great fear is that Chad Johnson was cut not because he allegedly headbutted his wife, but because he could no longer produce at a high level on the field.   I know the NFL (and all professional leagues) are in a business that demands success, and the pressures are great on coaches and GM’s to produce winners, but I believe it says a lot about us as a society when we put athletes on a pedestal and don’t care what they do off the field as long as they perform at a high level on the field. That message will be communicated loud and clear when another team who needs receiving help signs Johnson off the waiver wire. Teams need to send a message that violence against women will never be tolerated, but I’m afraid that in professional sports, the only thing that won’t be tolerated is losing.  And that is the pity of it all.

2 thoughts on “A brief thought on Chad Johnson

  1. I think he really was cut because of the arrest. Their head coach stated a few days back that bad behavior off-the-field wouldn’t be tolerated, so when this happened, he had to practice what he was preaching. Philbin had no choice.

    • Sean, I believe your right because I think Philbin is a no-nonsense kind of coach. I just think there will be other coaches out there who will still take a chance on him because they think Johnson can help them win, without regards to what he allegedly did.

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