NFL Elimination Pools – here are Bias Free Sports picks for Week 1

Like many of you, I participate in weekly “elimination (or suicide) pools” for NFL games each week. For those unfamiliar with these competitions, each week you select a team that you think either has the best chance of winning or will at least win that week. If you’re correct, then you get to participate again the following week; however, you are no longer able to choose a team you have used in prior weeks.  So, for example, if I choose New England in week 1, I can’t use them again the rest of the contest. If you are wrong on your selection, then you are out.  The winner is essentially the last one standing, and in weeks where there are upsets, a lot of entires can be eliminated pretty fast.

This year, I have two of these contests that I am participating in, and I will provide you my picks each week so you can follow along. Feel free to share your own picks in the comments section.

With my first pick, I am going with Philadelphia against Cleveland.  I think this is a safe pick as long as Michael Vick can make it through the game without injury. Cleveland is starting a 28 year old rookie qb in Brandon Weedan (who has not impressed in the pre-season) and a rookie RB in Trent Richardson who missed almost the entire pre-season with a leg injury.

My second pick is Houston over Miami, which I think will be at least a 20 point win with a ferocious Texans defense coming after rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. I could easily see a 5 sack game for the Texans here.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!


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