Bias Free Sports NFL Elimination Pool Picks for Week 2

For those who view this blog frequently, you’ll know that last week we started with our elimination pool picks, whereby we pick a different NFL team each week that we feel is going to win, thus allowing us to advance to the next week.  I am currently participating in two different pools, and so each week I am posting my picks, allowing you to track my success, and also give everyone the oportunity to vote on what team they would choose in the poll below.

Last week with my first selection I took Philadelphia, and certainly sweated that one out to the very end.  Thank God I don’t have to struggle with taking them again.   My other selection, Houston, was a little frustrating for one and a half quarters, but then that defense kicked it into gear and it was smooth sailing for the remainder of the game.

This week is a little tougher because there are so many difficult games that could go either way.  In a week like that, you should typically go with the chalk (or odds-on favorite) pick just so you can pretty much be assured of advancing.  The chalk pick this week is New England, who is taking on the Arizona Cardinals at home.  It’s very rare for a west coast team to travel to the east coast for a 1:00 pm EST start and be successful.  Plus, New England is just too damn good to lose to Arizona.  So there’s that also.  I’m going to take the Patriots in my first contest.

The second pool pick I’m going with the Giants.   I don’t care how Tampa Bay played against the Panthers; the defending Super Bowl champions will not start the season 0-2 or Tom Coughlin’s skin will melt off his skull and lasers will shoot out his eye sockets, burning holes in every player’s chest.  This will be at least a double digit win, and thus my choice for my second pool pick.

Incidentally, we have the Patriots predicted to win in computer matchup by about 16.5, and the Giants to win by 27.5.   You can see all of Bias Free Sports’ matchup predictions by going to

Recap:      Pool 1                Pool 2

Week 1    Philly                   Houston
Week 2    New England      NY Giants


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