NFL Elimination Pool Picks Week 3 from Bias Free Sports

In this week’s edition of the NFL elimination pool picks, we are staying as far away as possible from Stephen Gostkowski, who blew up thousands upon thousands of elimination pool entries with his errant kick at the end of the New England/Arizona game (although I don’t blame him (after all he had four field goals already made in the game) as much as I blame Coach Genius Belichick for settling for a long field goal attempt with over 40 seconds to play and not attempting to get in closer.  Don’t outsmart yourself Bill!

So one of my picks was dumped (along with many of yours as well, I’m sure) by that kick, leaving me alive in one pool.   The beauty of these types of contests is that upsets happen so frequently that it’s rare that the pools last the season.  A majority of players are booted out before 8 games are even played.   We’re going to try and get to the halfway point with what I think has to be the surest pick on the board in San Francisco.  While they are playing at Minnesota, if Minnesota isn’t the worst team in the NFL, it’s pretty damn close.  While I typically hate using a great team so early in the season (see what happened with Arizona?) I want to stay alive and San Francisco is almost a certainty to do it.

If you’ve already used San Francisco, my next favorites (in order) are New Orleans (I can’t see them going 0-3 to start the season, especially against the woeful Chiefs), Pittsburgh (ok maybe Oakland is actually worse than Minnesota), and Detroit (can Tennessee be worse than both Minnesota and Oakland? Wow, so many bad teams this year).

Recap:      Pool 1                Pool 2

Week 1    Philly                   Houston
Week 2    New England      NY Giants
Week 3    eliminated           San Francisco

One thought on “NFL Elimination Pool Picks Week 3 from Bias Free Sports

  1. I can’t argue with San Francisco at Minnesota. I know the Vikings aren’t the worst team in the NFL but the 49ers sure do make teams look bad when they get flustered after they figure out they can’t run on that defense. We’ll see Sunday!

    Great blog!

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