Here are Bias Free Sports Week 7 NFL computer projections

Here are the computer projections for this weekend’s NFL games as calculated by Bias Free Sports.  We’ve gone 1-0 so far this week, both straight up and against the spread, as the 49’ers edged out the Seahawks on Thursday night.  What a difference a declined safety can make!  To read these projections, a positive number under the Difference column means that the home team is projected to win the game (home field advantage is built into the numbers).  If the number under Current Line is also positive, the home team is favored to win.  For example, Buffalo is favored by 4.01 points against Tennessee (we round to the nearest whole number, so it’s actually 4).  They are favored by 3 points, so our projections would have them winning the game and covering the spread.  If the line is a negative number, then the visiting team is favored to win.  You can get all the latest team rankings from Bias Free Sports by going to our free site at

 Difference  Current
Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V  Line
San Francisco 44.32 Seattle 39.80                7.51                8.5
Buffalo 31.82 Tennessee 30.80                4.01                3.0
Carolina 35.59 Dallas 37.49                1.10             (2.0)
Cincinnati 34.76 Pittsburgh 34.78                2.98             (1.5)
Houston 40.27 Baltimore 38.34                4.93                6.5
Indianapolis 32.52 Cleveland 34.93                0.59                2.0
Minnesota 38.91 Arizona 38.57                3.34                6.5
NY Giants 44.36 Washington 38.10                9.26                6.0
New England 42.15 NY Jets 36.45                8.69             10.5
Oakland 30.96 Jacksonville 30.32                3.64                4.0
St. Louis 39.78 Green Bay 41.06                1.72             (5.0)
Tampa Bay 37.07 New Orleans 34.77                5.30             (2.0)
Chicago 44.05 Detroit 35.20              11.85                6.5

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