Bias Free Sports’ NBA Ratings Now Posted

Bias Free Sports is now posting its NBA matchup predictions on its NBA page at Note that this page is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Explorer just doesn’t seem to read tables well.

Regarding the rankings, you should be very cautious in utilizing these rankings so early in the season. The way my model is built (primarily a margin of victory versus quality of opponent type model), it typically takes about 5-7 games for each team for the model to really start tracking accurately. So caveat emptor. I’ll put a post up in the near future giving you a rough idea of how the numbers are assimilated.

In the meantime, I’m having a real battle with myself over whether to produce NCAA basketball ratings. I have started and stopped numerous times on building the revamped model and have just looked at how much time it is taking to put that together, not to mention how much time each day it would take to input those day’s games. NBA games are easy enough because at most you might have 12 games a day. Opening night alone for the NCAA features 124 games. Every Saturday will have over 160 games. To keep ratings timely, you have to input that data as it happens, and that may not be a luxury I have. I continue to debate with myself about it, and I’m going to Vegas next week, so I’ll probably make a decision on this after my return. I don’t like posting ratings for the college teams anyway early for the same reason I gave above–you need about 4-5 games to give you a more accurate reading on a team.

Again, thoughts and prayers to all our friends on the east coast as you recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

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