Bias Free Sports NCAA Bowl Games Confidence Pool Predictions

Bias Free Sports has run its computer predictions of the upcoming bowl games, and for those of you participating in NCAA confidence pools, we have ordered all the games by the computer’s predicted margin of victory.   For those new to confidence pools, you attempt to pick the game you have the highest confidence in being correct and list that as your number one pick.  The game you have the least confidence in picking correctly you list as the lowest pick.   So with 35 bowl games, if your top game is correct, you get 35 points, and the lowest confidence game, if correct, nets you 1 point.  How confident are we in the predictions below?  Normally we would feel about 80% confident in the predictions, but we’re less confident in the lower level games such as Michigan State-TCU or Clemson-LSU.  In any event, feel free to use these picks below as a guide, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at or go to our free web site at

Cincinnati defeats Duke by 28.43
Fresno St. defeats SMU by 21.06
Utah St. defeats Toledo by 19.78
Vanderbilt defeats NC St. by 19.41
Oklahoma St. defeats Purdue by 18.20
Georgia defeats Nebraska by 17.21
Rice defeats Air Force by 15.64
Florida defeats Louisville by 14.48
Texas A&M defeats Oklahoma by 13.40
Boise St. defeats Washington by 12.27
San Jose St. defeats Bowling Green by 11.22
Tulsa defeats Iowa St. by 10.15
Louisiana-Monroe defeats Ohio by 9.82
Pittsburgh defeats Mississippi by 9.78
Oregon defeats Kansas St. by 9.76
Northwestern defeats Mississippi St. by 9.64
Arkansas St. defeats Kent by 9.25
Louisiana-Lafayette defeats East Carolina by 9.21
Northern Ill. defeats Florida St. by 7.98
Alabama defeats Notre Dame by 6.36
Rutgers defeats Virginia Tech by 5.74
Baylor defeats UCLA by 5.27
Clemson defeats LSU by 4.66
Oregon St. defeats Texas by 4.45
Syracuse defeats West Va. by 3.55
USC defeats Georgia Tech by 3.52
Michigan St. defeats TCU by 2.90
BYU defeats San Diego St. by 2.73
Arizona St. defeats Navy by 2.23
Michigan defeats South Carolina by 2.18
Central Mich. defeats Western Kentucky by 1.84
Arizona defeats Nevada by 1.18
Texas Tech defeats Minnesota by 1.03
Ball St. defeats Central Florida by 0.29
Stanford defeats Wisconsin by 0.27

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