A Reasoned Response to the Connecticut Shootings

As someone who lost a family member in the Colorado theater shootings, today’s tragedy at the Connecticut elementary school school reopened still fresh wounds caused by a madman with free access to weapons he should never have allowed to acquire. Combined with the earlier shooting this week in the mall in Portland, and the Javon Belcher tragedy, this has been, to put it bluntly, a shitty couple of weeks for America.  Actually, this year has been a shitty year.  11,000 plus homicides this year alone from firearms.

Not surprisingly, people on all sides are already starting to get their arguments together about whether there should be some sort of gun control. Twitter is awash in comments about how this event should not politicized. But the following commentary on Gizmodo makes a reasoned, impassioned argument why now is the very time to talk about gun control.  For the sake of these kids who died today or who were traumatized by being there, for the 12 people who died in the Colorado shooting, or at Columbine, or in the Amish schoolhouse, or at Virginia Tech, or at Fort Hood, I simply ask that you read the article from the link below.  It will only take about two minutes of your time. Send the link to your friends and family. Tweet it. Anything to get the word out.   Let’s start having an honest discussion about what can be done.  Our children–and the parents and siblings of these deceased children, deserve nothing less.

Of Course Today Is The Day To Talk About Gun Control


One thought on “A Reasoned Response to the Connecticut Shootings

  1. The shooter did not own the guns- they belonged to his parents. Guns don’t shoot people anymore than knives stab them. It’s an unresolveable problem as long as human beings are capable of and willing to harm other humans. Those people are as unfeeling as the weapons they use.

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