Bias Free Sports NBA Computer Predictions for January 16th

Below are our computer predictions for the NBA games for Wednesday, January 16th.  Remember that a positive number means that the home team is favored, while a negative number means the visiting team is favored, and a 3 point home court advantage is already built in.  You can see the complete team rankings for the NBA and NFL by going to!

Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V
Atlanta 88.87 Brooklyn 98.60          (6.73)
Boston 94.79 New Orleans 93.01           4.78
Dallas 92.62 Houston 93.65           1.97
Golden State 95.82 Miami 95.49           3.33
Oklahoma City 101.03 Denver 98.57           5.47
Orlando 86.79 Indiana 96.65          (6.86)
Portland 92.90 Cleveland 87.26           8.64
Sacramento 87.78 Washington 90.32           0.46
San Antonio 99.65 Memphis 95.92           6.73
Toronto 93.83 Chicago 95.74           1.09

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