Time to Say Good Night, Gracie

As the Traveling Wilbury’s once sang, it’s “The End of the Line.”  Bias Free Sports will cease putting out our rankings come March 1st, February 24th, and our web site will go dark on April 15th.

We gave it a good effort, and we tried to put out a good rankings product, but one thing we were obviously not good at was marketing and drawing enough visitors to the site.  It was certainly distressing to continue producing rankings and projections night after night for so few people.  We certainly weren’t making any money, and it made it an easy decision when it came time to renew the web site’s fee.  So our site, http://www.biasfreerankings.com, will bid everyone a fond farewell in a week, and it’s not without some regrets.  This was a part of my life the last three years and while I’ll enjoy having some spare time back to myself, I’ll definitely miss the opportunity to share my projections with everyone (or at least with the small bands of faithful that did tune in on a semi-regular basis!).  If anyone is interested in buying the website domain registration, I’ll listen to any offers!  Just email me at gary@biasfreerankings.com (but doing it quickly, since I’ll be dropping the email listing as well).

Maybe somewhere down the road we’ll make a comeback, or we’ll release our rankings on a subscription basis (unlikely), but I want to thank everyone who ever stopped by the site and I wish you all the best!