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I'm a sports fanatic who has the unfortunate character defect of being an attorney. One of my longtime passions is preparing computer rankings of college and professional sports teams and seeing how well the rankings perform straight up and against the Vegas spread. While I attended the University of Texas, I am not biased in ranking them higher because of that. The computer ranks every team according to their performance and nothing else. I am also able to leap small puppies in a single bound.

Time to Say Good Night, Gracie

As the Traveling Wilbury’s once sang, it’s “The End of the Line.”  Bias Free Sports will cease putting out our rankings come March 1st, February 24th, and our web site will go dark on April 15th.

We gave it a good effort, and we tried to put out a good rankings product, but one thing we were obviously not good at was marketing and drawing enough visitors to the site.  It was certainly distressing to continue producing rankings and projections night after night for so few people.  We certainly weren’t making any money, and it made it an easy decision when it came time to renew the web site’s fee.  So our site, http://www.biasfreerankings.com, will bid everyone a fond farewell in a week, and it’s not without some regrets.  This was a part of my life the last three years and while I’ll enjoy having some spare time back to myself, I’ll definitely miss the opportunity to share my projections with everyone (or at least with the small bands of faithful that did tune in on a semi-regular basis!).  If anyone is interested in buying the website domain registration, I’ll listen to any offers!  Just email me at gary@biasfreerankings.com (but doing it quickly, since I’ll be dropping the email listing as well).

Maybe somewhere down the road we’ll make a comeback, or we’ll release our rankings on a subscription basis (unlikely), but I want to thank everyone who ever stopped by the site and I wish you all the best!



Bias Free Sports NFL Championship Weekend Computer Predictions

Below are our computer predictions for the NFL championship games for this weekend.  Remember that a positive number means the home team is favored, and three points is added to the home team’s number for home field advantage.  You can see the complete NFL and NBA ratings at www.biasfreerankings.com.

Home Rating Visitor  Rating  Diff
Atlanta 70.65 San Francisco 72.30  1.35
New England 76.13 Baltimore 67.76  11.37

Bias Free Sports NBA Computer Predictions for January 16th

Below are our computer predictions for the NBA games for Wednesday, January 16th.  Remember that a positive number means that the home team is favored, while a negative number means the visiting team is favored, and a 3 point home court advantage is already built in.  You can see the complete team rankings for the NBA and NFL by going to www.biasfreerankings.com!

Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V
Atlanta 88.87 Brooklyn 98.60          (6.73)
Boston 94.79 New Orleans 93.01           4.78
Dallas 92.62 Houston 93.65           1.97
Golden State 95.82 Miami 95.49           3.33
Oklahoma City 101.03 Denver 98.57           5.47
Orlando 86.79 Indiana 96.65          (6.86)
Portland 92.90 Cleveland 87.26           8.64
Sacramento 87.78 Washington 90.32           0.46
San Antonio 99.65 Memphis 95.92           6.73
Toronto 93.83 Chicago 95.74           1.09

Bias Free Sports NFL Division Playoff Computer Predictions

Below are Bias Free Sports computer predictions for the NFL Divisional Playoff Games.  A positive number means the home team is favored, while a negative number means the visiting team is favored.  To see the complete rankings for all NFL teams, go to www.biasfreerankings.com.

Home Rating Visitor  Rating  Diff
Atlanta 70.38 Seattle 74.73             (1.34)
Denver 75.29 Baltimore 67.30             10.99
New England 76.59 Houston 68.28             11.32
San Francisco 72.28 Green Bay 70.35               4.93

Bias Free Sports NBA Computer Predictions for January 10 games

Here are our computer predictions for today’s NBA games.  A positive number in the difference column means the home team is favored, while a negative number means the visiting team is favored.  For the complete NBA rankings, go to www.biasfreerankings.com/NBARankings.htm.

Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V
Indiana 95.95 New York 95.31           3.65
Portland 93.20 Miami 95.21           0.98
Sacramento 89.87 Dallas 87.37           5.50

Bias Free Sports Final Top 25 NCAA Football Computer Rankings

Has Alabama stopped scoring yet?  That was pretty impressive, and showed why they deserved to be ranked number one in our final computer rankings.  Here are the top 25 of our rankings–you can see the rankings for all 124 teams by going to www.biasfreerankings.com and also get the latest rankings for the NBA and NFL, as well as our projections for the NFL playoff games this weekend and every NBA game!

1 Alabama 93.95
2 Oregon 91.73
3 Texas A&M 89.11
4 Georgia 83.59
5 Florida State 82.98
6 Kansas State 81.97
7 Utah State 80.51
8 Notre Dame 80.35
9 Florida 80.13
10 South Carolina 79.93
11 Clemson 79.26
12 LSU 78.89
13 Ohio State 78.30
14 Northern Illinois 77.28
15 Stanford 77.20
16 Oklahoma St. 76.92
17 Oklahoma 76.85
18 Boise State 76.44
19 BYU 75.78
20 San Jose State 75.67
21 Wisconsin 75.12
22 Cincinnati 75.10
23 Fresno State 74.69
24 UCF 74.44
25 Michigan 74.14

Bias Free Sports computer predictions for opening playoff games

On now to the “second season” of the NFL, and we have run the computer projections for this weekend’s games. I am on the road, so I can’t post things the way I normally would, but you can get the full projections at http://www.biasfreerankings.com/NFL_Ratings.html.  Here, though is a brief summary of our picks for this weekend’s games:

Cincinnati @ Houston:  Cincy by 9.9 (I will be at this game)
Minnesota @ Green Bay: Green Bay by 5.2
Indianapolis @ Baltimore: Baltimore by 6.6
Seattle @ Washington: Seattle by 11.8

I feel most confident in the Baltimore and Green Bay games. Seattle and Washington are both hot teams right now, and Washington hasn’t had a home playoff game in a long time, so that place will be rocking. I could see that one going either way despite the large computer edge. Similarly, Cincinnati is coming to Houston on a hot streak while Houston is in a major funk. Strangely is similar to what happened last year as Houston lost its last three games entering the playoffs and still won by 21 over the Bengals in front of a ramped up crowd. So we shall see.

Today’s sports trivia:
Minnesota and Green Bay have played against each other 103 times in the regular season, but this weekend marks only the second time they have played each other in the postseason. The first, an opening round game in 2004, was won by the Vikings 31-17.