Bias Free Sports NBA Computer Predictions for January 16th

Below are our computer predictions for the NBA games for Wednesday, January 16th.  Remember that a positive number means that the home team is favored, while a negative number means the visiting team is favored, and a 3 point home court advantage is already built in.  You can see the complete team rankings for the NBA and NFL by going to!

Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V
Atlanta 88.87 Brooklyn 98.60          (6.73)
Boston 94.79 New Orleans 93.01           4.78
Dallas 92.62 Houston 93.65           1.97
Golden State 95.82 Miami 95.49           3.33
Oklahoma City 101.03 Denver 98.57           5.47
Orlando 86.79 Indiana 96.65          (6.86)
Portland 92.90 Cleveland 87.26           8.64
Sacramento 87.78 Washington 90.32           0.46
San Antonio 99.65 Memphis 95.92           6.73
Toronto 93.83 Chicago 95.74           1.09

Bias Free Sports NFL Division Playoff Computer Predictions

Below are Bias Free Sports computer predictions for the NFL Divisional Playoff Games.  A positive number means the home team is favored, while a negative number means the visiting team is favored.  To see the complete rankings for all NFL teams, go to

Home Rating Visitor  Rating  Diff
Atlanta 70.38 Seattle 74.73             (1.34)
Denver 75.29 Baltimore 67.30             10.99
New England 76.59 Houston 68.28             11.32
San Francisco 72.28 Green Bay 70.35               4.93

Bias Free Sports NFL Picks for Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful day full of food, fun, family and football–and let’s all be mindful to be of help to those who aren’t fortunate enough to share in those blessings.

Here are Bias Free Sports NFL picks for the Thanksgiving Day games. A positive number in the difference column indicates the home team is favored, and a negative number means the visiting team is favored.  For example, Dallas is favored by 3.5 over Washington, and the Vegas line is 3.  So we would say that Dallas would both win and cover the spread.

 Difference  Current
Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V  Line
Dallas 37.0 Washington 36.5                  3.5                3.0
Detroit 37.0 Houston 42.5                (2.5)             (3.0)
NY Jets 35.0 New England 44.5                (6.5)             (7.0)

Bias Free Sports NFL Picks for Week 11

We’ve turned on the computer at Bias Free Sports, and this is what it has spit out for predictions for this weekend’s NFL games (remember that a positive number in the difference column means the home team is favored, while a negative number means the visiting team is favored–same is true for the current line):

 Difference  Current
Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V  Line
Buffalo 35.5 Miami 33.0                  5.5                1.5
Atlanta 38.5 Arizona 32.5                  9.0                9.5
Carolina 38.0 Tampa Bay 40.5                  0.5             (1.0)
Dallas 38.0 Cleveland 35.5                  5.5                7.5
Denver 45.5 San Diego 37.5                11.0                7.5
Detroit 37.0 Green Bay 40.5                (0.5)             (3.0)
Houston 45.0 Jacksonville 30.0                18.0             15.0
Kansas City 30.0 Cincinnati 38.0                (5.0)             (3.5)
New England 44.0 Indianapolis 33.5                13.5                9.0
Oakland 31.0 New Orleans 40.0                (6.0)             (4.5)
Pittsburgh 38.0 Baltimore 39.0                  2.0             (3.5)
St. Louis 35.0 NY Jets 35.5                (0.5)                3.5
Washington 36.5 Philadelphia 33.5                  6.0                3.5
San Francisco 41.0 Chicago 44.5                (0.5)                6.0

Predictions for Saturday’s NBA games

Here are predictions for today’s games in the NBA playoffs from Bias Free Sports based on our latest computer rankings.  To read this chart, the team on the left is the home team.  Subtracting the visiting team’s rating from the home team’s rating gives the predicted outcome (the number in the far right column).  If the number is negative, the visiting team is favored, if the number is positive, the home team is favored.  3.5 points is added to the home team’s number for home court advantage.  For example, in the Clippers-Memphis game, when you add the 3.5 points to the LA Clippers rating and then subtract the Grizzlies rating, the Clippers should be favored by 3.73 points.  You can then compare that to the Vegas line.  If the Clippers are favored by 3, then you would want to take the Clippers because the 3.73 point differential is greater than three.  You can see all the NBA ratings as well as Major League Baseball team and player ratings by going to

Note: ratings include home court advantage  Difference
Home Rating Visitor  Rating  (H+HFA)-V
Dallas 96.344 Oklahoma City 100.500 -0.657
LA Clippers 97.617 Memphis 97.384 3.733
Orlando 95.940 Indiana 98.246 1.194
Utah 95.818 San Antonio 101.705 -2.388

Today’s NBA Predictions

Here are the ratings and projections for the upcoming NBA today based on the latest computer rankings from Bias Free Sports:

Note: ratings include home court advantage
Home Rating Visitor  Rating Difference
Chicago 101.930 Philadelphia 98.157 7.273
Indiana 98.029 Orlando 96.276 5.253
Miami 100.297 New York 97.523 6.273
Oklahoma City 100.440 Dallas 96.595 7.345

Current lines have Chicago and Indiana favored by 9, the Heat by 8 1/2, and the Thunder by 7 1/2.  All the ratings above except the Thunder game would indicate going with the underdog.  The difference in the Thunder game would actually round up to equal the Vegas line.  For complete ratings for the NBA, MLB, NFL and more, go to