Bias Free Sports computer predictions for opening playoff games

On now to the “second season” of the NFL, and we have run the computer projections for this weekend’s games. I am on the road, so I can’t post things the way I normally would, but you can get the full projections at  Here, though is a brief summary of our picks for this weekend’s games:

Cincinnati @ Houston:  Cincy by 9.9 (I will be at this game)
Minnesota @ Green Bay: Green Bay by 5.2
Indianapolis @ Baltimore: Baltimore by 6.6
Seattle @ Washington: Seattle by 11.8

I feel most confident in the Baltimore and Green Bay games. Seattle and Washington are both hot teams right now, and Washington hasn’t had a home playoff game in a long time, so that place will be rocking. I could see that one going either way despite the large computer edge. Similarly, Cincinnati is coming to Houston on a hot streak while Houston is in a major funk. Strangely is similar to what happened last year as Houston lost its last three games entering the playoffs and still won by 21 over the Bengals in front of a ramped up crowd. So we shall see.

Today’s sports trivia:
Minnesota and Green Bay have played against each other 103 times in the regular season, but this weekend marks only the second time they have played each other in the postseason. The first, an opening round game in 2004, was won by the Vikings 31-17.


Bias Free Sports NFL Teaser of the Day

I rarely bet on sports because of the unpredictability of it all–I mean, do you really want to place money on whether a nineteen year old kid can hit a free throw in front of 18,000 screaming fans?  But I’m in Vegas today, and this is the only time I allow myself this luxury.  Here’s what I’m doing today, so you can play along at home (but I don’t advise you to):

Packers -3  straight bet

13 point teaser:

Packers +10
Buccaneers +17
Vikings  +16
Vikings-Rams under 52

EDIT:  I added another teaser for the afternoon games:

Cowboys +14
Detroit +6
Buffalo +19
Carolina +16

Good luck to me and to everyone else today!