Bias Free Sports Final Top 25 NCAA Football Computer Rankings

Has Alabama stopped scoring yet?  That was pretty impressive, and showed why they deserved to be ranked number one in our final computer rankings.  Here are the top 25 of our rankings–you can see the rankings for all 124 teams by going to and also get the latest rankings for the NBA and NFL, as well as our projections for the NFL playoff games this weekend and every NBA game!

1 Alabama 93.95
2 Oregon 91.73
3 Texas A&M 89.11
4 Georgia 83.59
5 Florida State 82.98
6 Kansas State 81.97
7 Utah State 80.51
8 Notre Dame 80.35
9 Florida 80.13
10 South Carolina 79.93
11 Clemson 79.26
12 LSU 78.89
13 Ohio State 78.30
14 Northern Illinois 77.28
15 Stanford 77.20
16 Oklahoma St. 76.92
17 Oklahoma 76.85
18 Boise State 76.44
19 BYU 75.78
20 San Jose State 75.67
21 Wisconsin 75.12
22 Cincinnati 75.10
23 Fresno State 74.69
24 UCF 74.44
25 Michigan 74.14

Some Scattershot Thoughts from the First Weekend of College Football

Either Navy is really bad, or Notre Dame is much better than last year.  I’m going with Navy is really bad…..Don’t despair, Washington State, Mike Leach, the mad Pirate, will have your team beating up on the Idaho States and Eastern Washingtons before you know it…..Oh, Vandy, your propensity for making completely bonehead plays when on the cusp of victory never ceases to amaze me…..Welcome to the FBS, Massachusetts.  I predict you’ll actually score at least once this season…..Before their loss Friday to Michigan State, the last time Boise State lost a game before November was September 8, 2007, losing 24-10 to Washington… UCLA, you are not back (yet)……Alabama giving up 7 points to Michigan is a helluva lot more impressive than LSU giving up 14 to North Texas……Oklahoma State, did you steal Savannah State’s milk money and push over their bikes while bullying them around on the playground?…..